Going braless is the right thing to do for any smart girl

What is s a bra and why do girls prefer to wear it? A bra is type of underwear that helps to improve the look of the girl’s figure. Such type of clothing is called foundation garments. Most bras are used to give a better shape to the girl’s breast. Some women consider this to be very practical, while many other younger and older women choose to go braless, especially when the weather gets sunny and warm.

History of bras

You might think that bras are a modern invention. However, it is not quite true. Minoan civilization saw the first bras on sportswomen in the seventh century BC. Can you imagine those cave women wearing such fancy underwear? Must have been quite a view for ancient cave men.

In the middle ages the most popular undergarment was a corset. You would not call it a very comfortable piece of clothes. Its main function most frequently was to push the breast up to make it look bigger and prettier. Some medieval designers experimented with corsets by, for instance, splitting the breasts. It was very expensive to be fashionable in those days, so only wealthy or noble women could afford to wear such underwear.

In the 20th century first modern looking bras appeared. Some lucky or unlucky girls could get their hands on bras as early as 1905, but they were not in mass production until 1930s. However, feminists believed that bras are a way to discriminate against women. According to them, a woman wearing a bra is a mere object that a man should desire.

Why not wear a bra?

There are quite a few advantages of going braless for a girl, even if she is not a feminist. The reasons are pretty straightforward. First of all, going braless helps to attract a lot more attention from the opposite sex. Even if a girl is not particularly attractive in winter, when she puts on something revealing in spring, there is a good chance for her to be noticed. The second reason to stay away from bras works if you have a nice pair of breasts. In this case a bra actually hurts the view rather than enhances it. Simply take off the bra to show the world the beauty of your breasts. If your breasts are not particularly cute, not wearing a bra is very honest. If you are braless and a guy still pays attention, it either means that your breasts are fine or that he is really impressed with your personality. Finally, the most crucial reason for many women is that not wearing a bra is very comfortable. When you feel comfortable, it is easier to socialize and make friends, it is easier to smile at people. Hence, it is only natural not to wear any bras.

What should you do when you see a girl without a bra?

When a man sees a girl on the street without a bra or in a downblouse situation, he can of course stare at her. But a better option would be to get acquainted with the girl or at least make a picture, so that your friends can also enjoy the view.

Great Fashion Tips To The More Attractive You!

It need not be hard to dress well. It will be a breeze when you’ve been informed of the ins and outs of fashion. Continue reading to see what hints others give to help you dress the best. To bone up on your fashion IQ, read the tips contained below.

Create a unique style that is all your own. Many people follow the trends set by others, but truly original fashionistas develop their own sense of style. You, of course, need a certain personality to be comfortable doing this, but once you take the leap, you will surely enjoy the many compliments for being unique.

Handbags compliment outfits; however, if you carry any other bags, ensure that your purse complements them as well. This means your purse should match your briefcase if you need to use both of them on the same occasion. Also, make sure you don’t carry two different kinds of bags.

You should always keep an eye out for new style changes. Change is constant when it comes to style, and magazines are a great way to follow this. They will usually point out new trends first.

Try to build your own unique look. You can follow what you learn, or you can create your own style. You have to be comfortable with yourself in order to do this. Although once you decide to follow this path, you will notice the increase in compliments you receive.

If you are a full figured individual, purchase clothing in dark colors, such as black and navy; they help slim the figure. Dark colors will de-emphasize you troublesome areas. For extra comfort, try an elastic band around the waste.

Go through your closet and clean it out once in a while. While you might think that having a lot of clothes gives you a ton of options, this really is not the case. A closet that is packed tightly with things will only make it harder to make choices. Scale back your wardrobe; get rid of things you no longer wear. You will find a minimized, yet fashionable selection to be easier to choose from.

Avoid any horizontal stripes if your weight is higher. This type of pattern will emphasize your size and make you seem bigger than you are. If you love stripes, try a vertical pattern instead. This elongates your frame, drawing the eye up and down.

A lot of times, jackets will have loose stitches near vents or shoulders. Any loose threading needs to be removed. Carefully remove them, being careful not to damage the clothes. This is a simple step that can boost your style.

Make your lips fuller by using a lip lining pencil. You can also use petroleum jelly or lip gloss on top of your lips. A second coat of gloss in the center of your top lip can help you achieve that popular pouty look. Choose an eye shadow color that goes well with your lipstick to draw attention to your mouth. Put just a dab of eye shadow in the middle of both your upper and lower lips.

By following these tips, you will begin to be complimented on the way you dress. People won’t always agree with you, but they can appreciate good fashion sense when they see it.

***Effective Communication Does Not Happen With a Soft-Spoken Voice

If others have difficulty hearing you, how effective do you think your communication skills are? You can have a wonderful delivery at the lectern, superb telephone techniques, and/or marvelous negotiating skills on a one-to-one basis, but if others cannot hear you, then it doesn’t matter how good the delivery.
One man with whom I worked believed that speaking softly made people be quiet and listen to him. Maybe, but only temporarily. Teachers often try the same thing. If it does work, the success of speaking softly is short-lived.
The correct volume is especially important today with the amount of noise with which we are constantly being bombarded – from our daily use of electronics and white noise in our offices to loud music at events and functions, to the boom boxes in the car next to you which manages to negate what you are trying to hear in your own car. Noise is a factor of our lives today and speaking in a soft-spoken voice is definitely not the answer if you want to communicate effectively.
I am not suggesting that you speak in a loud voice by any means. If you are soft-spoken, then it is important for you to understand that the amount of volume you use in conversation is below normal – below average.

* Your goal should be to learn how to increase your volume to a comfortable listening level for most situations, be it in your car, at your desk, or sitting at your dining room table. Your listeners really want to hear you the 1st time you say it and don’t want to have to continually ask you to repeat yourself. Time is precious and repeating yourself over and over is a waste of time. If your listeners struggle to hear you, it is quite possible that you can lose valuable business or even a new job. The choice between two candidates, one of whom speaks with a normal volume of sound and you, who is not being heard, is no choice. The other candidate will most likely get the job, the promotion or the contract.
Being soft-spoken can tell your listeners that you are shy, weak, diffident or even introverted. These adjectives might describe you; but, what if they don’t? To be labeled incorrectly because of a soft-spoken voice is definitely unfair but it happens. It is also important to understand that you were not born soft-spoken. You have a normal volume level of sound within you; however, you have chosen not to use it. And it is a habit.
Break the habit; increase your volume so that you are heard the 1st time; and, your rewards will be many.